Stroke Misdiagnosis

Stroke can cause the oxygen supply to the brain to decrease, leading to brain damage. When negligence during treatment causes a stroke to become worse, or proper care that could have prevented a stroke from occurring was not given, the medical professionals who are responsible for the patient may be held liable.

Our Brain Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Brain injuries can be devastating for both the injured as well as their family members who often comment that their loved one is no longer the same person after the injury. Financial compensation for a brain injury can help to cover the cost of a victim's medical bills, recovery costs, and, if necessary, long-term care. The brain injury lawyers and medical malpractice attorneys at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based firm will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding a brain injury claim and prepare a case to pursue fair compensation for:

  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Loss of wages and future loss of earning capacity
  • Permanent disability
  • Mental impairment
  • Medical bills

GPW’s attorneys have a proven track record of success and a strong desire to advocate for their clients. Our brain injury lawyers are available at our main office, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but also work out of our offices in Michigan and West Virginia and have helped injury victims in many areas of the country.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as the result of negligent or careless medical treatment, our brain injury attorneys and medical malpractice lawyers can help. Contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office where our attorneys also serve clients from West Virginia, Michigan, and beyond.

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