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The high medical standards in place at most hospitals usually make surgery a safe and effective means of handling certain medical emergencies. Nevertheless, surgical mistakes do occur in Pennsylvania and throughout the country often enough to make safety a concern. If you have suffered harm due to errors in the operating room, you are protected under the law. Any injuries caused by the negligent actions of medical personnel during your surgical procedure may entitle you to financial compensation for physical, financial, and emotional suffering.

If you believe you are experiencing problems resulting from medical malpractice that occurred during surgery, attorneys at our Pennsylvania-based firm can determine if you have a case. In the event that our investigation uncovers medical negligence, we will use our years of experience to actively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Results of Surgical Mistakes

Because surgery is such a delicate procedure, it exposes patients to certain risks. Safe, successful surgical treatment depends on many factors. In addition to extensive training and a high level of skill, surgery requires careful preparation and great attentiveness on the part of medical personnel. If these conditions are not met, serious health consequences may result. Depending on the procedure performed, surgical injuries can include paralysis, severed nerves, punctured lungs, loss of taste and smell, and even death. Such injuries often require further surgery, which is accompanied by additional costs and further risks.

Having successfully litigated a wide variety of cases involving surgical errors, the medical malpractice attorneys at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania practice understand the suffering that can result from surgical error. We’ve seen the negative medical, financial, and emotional impact that surgical negligence has had on our clients and their families, and are committed to helping victims seek justice.

Types of Surgical Mistakes

Surgical errors can occur when doctors perform the wrong procedure on a patient, cause accidental damage to the body, or fail to properly monitor a patient's condition during treatment.

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If you believe you have been the victim of surgical errors, Pittsburgh-based Goldberg, Persky & White, will help you determine what has happened. If surgical mistakes are the cause your pain and suffering, our medical malpractice attorneys in Pennsylvania will fight aggressively to pursue just compensation. For a frank discussion of your legal situation, contact our attorneys today.

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