Missed or Misdiagnosed Cervical Cancer

When detected in its initial stages with a Pap smear, cervical cancer can usually be successfully treated. However, when early symptoms go undetected, the disease is likely to spread, becoming more serious. If medical practitioners fail to recognize or correctly interpret the clear symptoms of cervical cancer, the results can be fatal. In the event that such medical negligence results in misdiagnosis of cervical cancer, our experienced attorneys in Pennsylvania can help women understand their legal rights.

Whether hospital staff fail to administer routine Pap smears when appropriate or improperly interpret the results, they are legally liable for deviating from standard medical procedure. They are also responsible for not adequately investigating any reported symptoms or not providing referrals to cancer specialists when appropriate. In such cases, the physician should be held liable for any sustained injuries or harm. Contact our Pittsburgh-based medical malpractice attorneys if you suspect that medical negligence is to blame for your injuries.

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If you are a woman and believe you have been injured as a result of medical negligence, we urge you to contact our Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys for a consultation as soon as possible. Whether substandard medical care or misdiagnosis is to blame for your injuries, our attorneys in Pennsylvania can inform you of your rights and legal options. Our legal team will design an effective strategy to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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